Soul Work

Soul Work

Hello Beautiful Human!

I've been a hot minute since I've written a blog and boy we do I have lots to write about. As you all know I've launched a planner and it has literally changed the future for 3 Moons. It has lead me down a path I didn't see coming but a path I am 100% positive that was made for me. 

The Lunar Planner is all things practical and magical. Its about every day life and about the life we dream of having. What I didn't realize when I created the planner is that I have a massive passion for helping people. One thing lead to another and here I am, a qualified Reiki Healer and Touch For Health Practitioner. 

My goal with this path of the business is to help you achieve "practical magic" every day. To help unblock and guide you to living the life you desire. It's all well and good buying a planner, but if you're blocked, lacking inspiration and cannot see the magic, you will never get what you want from those pages. 

What is Reiki? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Reiki is a gentle, holistic technique that is used to promote stress reduction & relaxation. It is helpful in restoring mind-body-spirit balance and harmony. Our body is designed to work at its best when energy is centered + balanced. Over time trauma, stress, anxiety could lead to energetic blockages in our body. Reiki assists in removing those blockages, bringing you back to a natural state of balance. 

I've created a healing space in my home that I welcome you to visit whenever you are feel less than or when you seek inspiration to grow. 

This is just the first step towards a big dream for me and where I want to take 3 Moons. 

I am offering HALF PRICE sessions for the month of May. Send me a message on instagram to book in!


Much love,

Toya xxx

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