Moon Child

Moon Child

Hey Tribe, 

I thought it was about time I told you a little bit about 3 Moons. Although, I make everything, control the social media, pack your orders and order more stock, this is far from a one woman show. Behind the scenes I have a wonderful husband supporting my every thought, idea, dream. He even helps me create magic when he is home. 
We are a fifo family. Husband, wife, 2 boys and a girl. Oh, and a dog of course. So yea, I do a lot of the work but if it wasn’t for Jai’s support this dream would have stayed just that... a dream. 

Several years ago I had a little candle business called Love and Tealight. I used to attend some markets and basically had myself a little hobby to keep busy. But as our family grew other paths came up they had to be taken. It wasn’t until the little thoughts and ideas starting popping back up that I decided in September of 2019 that I may start the hobby I loved so much again.

Next minute I’m holding a launch party for my new and improved business! I have added new products such as resin coasters and macrame to the list now. I’ve made my business around all the things I love. All things witchy and cosmic and of course moon related. As I’m growing and slowly taking off the layers of who I thought I should be, I’m finally feeling more myself. And with that comes new things. New products, products that make me excited to share with you, products that help me with self discovery. New connections with some incredible people around the Toowoomba area. A new vibe for my journey. 

Its a business, yes, but it is also a journey, a connection, it’s the start of finding my village, finding my tribe. Those who embrace their wild side, their truest self, followers of the moon cycle, you are my people, you are my tribe. 

Thank you for your support in what ever form it comes in. 

You are always welcome in the Moon Tribe,

Much love,

Toya xxx 

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